What's the Warranty?

Surface treatment: 1year

Main body: 3 years.


Could the Logo Be Customised?

Brand logos could not be customised unless authorization supported.


How Long Could the Color Last?

At least 1 year


Are Brake Caliper Covers Safe?

Definitely yes, they are safe. AOOA caliper covers are designed to fit nicely over your calipers to cover up any unsightly appearance while staying put and keeping your calipers safe.


What's the Estimated Delivery Date?

Customization: About 1 week

Stockwork: 1-2 days


Benefits of Caliper Covers?

Some may shy away from caliper covers because they believe they interfere with their car’s natural abilities. However, they can actually benefit your car greatly, and there are many benefits that come with these devices. Just a few of these benefits are:

They help keep brakes clean – Caliper covers redirect the dust that comes off of your brake pads toward the rear of the vehicle, meaning less dust flies onto the outside surface of your wheels. This will keep your wheels cleaner over time.

They reduce heat – A common misconception is that adding caliper covers will increase the friction and the heat produced. However, caliper covers can actually dissipate the heat from your brakes and improve the overall performance of the brakes. Since many are made from aluminum, it is an excellent way to reduce the overall heat buildup.