Who We Are
Founded in 2015, New York City, AOOA caliper covers focuses on designing and manufacturing top-notch caliper covers that are unique in their soft and elegant lines, refined styles, and attractive shades. AOOA caliper covers was registered legally in USA with 10 patents, which were protected by the PCT system of Chinese and international patents. In order to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality, we have made a detailed and authoritative test: SGS UV test, SGS salt spray test, SGS Dorp test, SGS vibration test, EU CE certificate, ISO9001:2005 quality system, RoHS 2.0 Test,product liability insurance and so on. We did everything we could to reassure our customers!

How We Succeed
Our long-term commitment to exceeding customer expectations is the driving force behind our success.

Our Mission
To provide customers with the most innovative and high-performance-price ratio wheels modification solutions.


What Are Brake Caliper Covers?
If you are interested in customizing your car, AOOA brake caliper covers are just another step in the right direction. These covers can give your entire vehicle a new, fresh look covering an area that worn over time. You can customize the look of your tires without paying the costs of new wheels or completely replacing the calipers.

No matter the paint job on your car, there are AOOA caliper covers out there that can match your vehicle. All AOOA brake caliper covers available today are customizable, which means you can choose to have them in various colors or engraved. We can also feature the brand of your vehicle, ensuring they are a fit.  


Benefits of Caliper Covers
Some may shy away from caliper covers because they believe they interfere with their car’s natural abilities. However, they can actually benefit your car greatly, and there are many benefits that come with these devices. Just a few of these benefits are:

They help keep brakes clean – Caliper covers redirect the dust that comes off of your brake pads toward the rear of the vehicle, meaning less dust flies onto the outside surface of your wheels. This will keep your wheels cleaner over time.

They reduce heat – A common misconception is that adding caliper covers will increase the friction and the heat produced. However, caliper covers can actually dissipate the heat from your brakes and improve the overall performance of the brakes. Since many are made from aluminum, it is an excellent way to reduce the overall heat buildup.


Why choose AOOA caliper covers?
There are a lot of brake caliper covers out there on the markets which are made from plastics, there are some risks that come with purchasing those caliper covers that are of lesser quality, as they can break or wear down quickly. It is extremely important to purchase from a reputable brand that designs quality products.

All AOOA caliper covers that are available today are made from high quality aluminum and stainless steel that has been formed to fit each specific caliber. Purchasing aluminum covers is ideal as these can last longer and have a lower chance of breaking down with use.  AOOA caliper covers come with a 3-year warranty that guarantees quality and helps ensure you are spending your money on a good product. 

All movement of AOOA material is simplified, with no cross flow, backtracking, or repetitious procedure. Work assignments, numbers of machines, and production rates are programmed, all operations along the line are compatible.

*Free Shipping Worldwide
*3-Year Warranty
*Patent Support: Patented fastening system ensures simple and secure installation
*Easy to Install: No special tools, adhesives or caliper modification required
*Material: Constructed with high quality aluminum and stainless steel materials



How to get proper AOOA caliper covers that fit your wheels?
Regardless of the wheels your vehicle has, you need to measure to ensure clearance before purchasing your caliper covers. Most covers only require a small space of clearance, around a couple of stacked quarters or a business card space. Regardless, you want to ensure that there is an adequate amount of clearance for the safety of your vehicle.

To get extra help finding AOOA caliper covers that fit your car, you should contact us directly. AOOA caliper covers online store has a drop-down list available that states the different vehicles our caliper covers can be purchased for. Please contact us or fill out the custom form if you couldn’t find your specific vehicle model listed.

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